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श्री दुर्गा यंत्र (Durga Yantra)

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Durga Yantra (3”X3” Copper Rs:730)  
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Durga Yantra (3”X3” Gold Plated Rs:1450)
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Durga Bisa Yantra Is Complate Pran Pratisthit (Puarn Praan Pratisthit)
You Do not Need to Chant Any Mantra or perform Special Rituals For Any Yantra.
If You Wish to perform Special Rituals for your Wish Fulfilment, You May Also Done it Without any Obstruction.
We Want to say something  About Our  Yantra
  • Our Yantra are Made in 22 gauge thick Pure Copper Plate, All Yantra are Akhandit (अखंडित)
  • Generaly Mostly Yantra Are Avalable in Market Was 10 to 12 gauge thickness.
  • Design or line of these type Yantra's are Maximum Split or broken ( this type of yantra we are saying Khandit yantra/खंडित). these type of yantra are destroyed Good effect of Puarn Praan Pratistha.
Our All Yantra Are  Complate Pran Pratisthit (Puarn Praan Pratisthit)
Because Here Our goal has The classical method-Legislative with Proved by specific with fiery chants prestigious full consciousness (Puarn Praan Pratisthit) Give Good effect All types of Yantra, Kavach, Rudraksh, preciouse and semi preciouse Gems stone deliver on your door step.
  • Our copper yantra are made in 100% pure copper it was not spoiled over time, It may be fade with Air humidity but you can wash it and Shine Yantra again any time, 
  • Good-quality Yantra placed at home is More Effectiv and auspicious, Good-quality Yantra are not spoiled over time till your Several incoming generation
  • You can set yantra in general glass photo frame, If Yantra set in photo frame it's was Shine long time.
Special Remark:
  • Bulk Order Facility Also Available. If You wish to Bulk Buying We Provide Yantra At Wholesale Price.
  • For more information about Yantra Call Us or Mail US:
  • We will always make time to speak with you if you need us.
  • We will try to give you our best advice possible.
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